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Hi, my name is Amanda and I am excited to have been asked by the birthday girl Jess to help celebrate Epheriell Designs’s 3rd birthday.

Wow, Jess! Congratulations on making it through 3 years of the highs and lows, stresses and euphoric moments of running a small creative business. Good on you for being brave enough to do what you have needed to do in order to make it a success!

The internet is an amazing tool for creatives and crafters alike. Not only is it a great tool for selling your creations, it is also a treasure trove of  inspiration. Sites like Pinterest and blogs have opened up a whole world of ideas, tutorials and new things to try.

If you are anything like me, you see amazing creations, by very clever crafters and think to yourself “It looks amazing, but I could never do that“. I am not a sewer, so many projects I fall in love with I know I will never be able to create myself.

Recently though, I have noticed a crafting trend that I am very excited about! The excitement is two-fold. 1. I can create them with my lack of skills [i can do a little hand sewing] and 2. The projects recycle a material everyone has in their home – T-Shirts!

There are many tutorials doing the rounds at the moment turning the humble T-Shirt into fun, colourful and earth-friendly accessories. Here are some of my favourite ideas.

Old bangles wrapped in strips of T-Shirt {Tutorial Here]

 Necklaces [top image from Etsy] The second image uses scraps of fabric, but you could easily use strips of T-Shirt. [Tutorial here]

T-Shirt scarves! [Tutorials here and here]

Of course there are dozens and dozens more tutorials for turning old T-Shirts into great accessories to suit all different tastes, so if none of these suit you, I’m sure within no time you will find one you love through internet or Pinterest searches.

I hope you were inspired by these ideas. I am planning to make a few of these as Christmas gifts for family and friends this year! I better get cracking – less than 11 weeks to go!

If you did enjoy reading this post, I would love to have you come visit my blogs to say hi! You can visit my design blog Kaleidoscope here, or my personal lifestyle blog Amanda’s Musings here. I hope you visit soon!

Thanks again to Jess and Happy 3rd Birthday to Epheriell Designs!


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