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What do these Etsy sellers have in common?

Well, they are all wonderful examples of Etsy Success Stories! They have all persevered to sell their wares, and each of these shops has made thousands of sales in their time on Etsy.

But for us, the most important thing they have in common is that I’ve interviewed them for my up-coming E-book, “Etsy Success Stories: Seven Top Sellers share their business stories and advice“!

There are a lot of e-books out there that claim to tell you the ‘secrets’ to success on Etsy. Well, I don’t believe there are any ‘secrets’ to success – but I do believe that the best way to be successful is to learn from those who’ve gone before!

So, when I re-opened my shop in March, I decided to go ahead and seek out the answers from those who’ve done it.

Since then (in the space of about 4 1/2 months), I’ve made over 260 sales online – over 140 of those on Etsy. I’m slowly learning what works and doesn’t work for me… and using the knowledge and experience of those who’ve been successful to help me in my own journey to craft a business.

For the e-book, I asked our success stories questions like…

  • How do you promote your Etsy shop? What has/has not worked for you?
  • Is paid advertising worth it? How do you choose your target market?
  • How do you stay motivated?
  • What’s your No 1 Customer Service tip?
  • Does renewing work?
  • Do you recommend selling a diversity of products, or sticking to a more definite niche?
  • What do you believe has been your ‘key to success’ on Etsy?
  • And many, many more.

    Their advice has taught me a lot – and so I want to share it with you, to! I thought a 2-part approach would be best, and so:

    Part 1 contains my analysis of the interviews, broken down into easy-to-navigate sections, and in which I share my own experiences as well. It also contains a big list of really useful posts on the Etsy forums!

    Part 2 contains all of the interviews, in full!

    I’m going to be putting the E-book up for sale on around the 20th of August.

    Before then, though, I’m going to offer it to my newsletter subscribers at a special reduced price. If you’d like to get access to it early through the newsletter, just sign up over here.

    Feel free to shoot any questions about the E-book my way! I’ve been working on this for quite a while now, so I’m simultaneously excited and super-nervous about publishing it! But I hope it will be really helpful to those of you who – like me – are trying to make a real business out of this whole selling-craft-online caper!

    Jess xx

    P.S. If you’re interested in building your crafty biz, I recommend you download and read my FREE e-book, based on a popular series I did here on the blog – “From Nothing to a Sale a Day in One Month Online“. There’s lots of helpful (and did I mention free?) advice in there about how I personally made progress building my biz.


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