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plushka kitty pattern (5)

When my friend Katia contacted me and asked if I’d like to try out one of her cute felt toy patterns, how could I say no?

We all know sewing is not my thing, but I’m always willing to give it another crack… especially when there is a cute kitty to be sewn! Katia makes these kitties for her shop – here’s an example of one she made… SO CUTE!

plushka toy cat

But she also sells the pattern for those who’d like to have a go at making one for themselves. Now, let’s all just take a moment to glory in the cuteness of Katia’s kitty above before we dive into my version, shall we? Ahem…

It was a good excuse to break out my seldom used (but very sweet) sewing paraphernalia.

plushka kitty pattern (11)

plushka kitty pattern (9)

plushka kitty pattern (13)

plushka kitty pattern (6)

Okay, so here’s the nitty gritty. I did this last night, so please excuse the not-so-perfect phone photos I snapped while working on my bed.

The pattern was simple and easy to follow – and hand-drawn, too! I just had to print it out, and cut out all the little bits from the paper – pin them to the felt and cut it out. Easy – even for me!

plushka kitty pattern (2)

I then got sidetracked playing the ‘what is my kitty thinking’ game while deciding where to place his pupils…

the many faces of Plushka kitty

I kinda ran out of time to finish him, as I’ve been crazy-busy prepping for the QLD Brides Expo (starting tonight, eep!) but I think you get the idea! I’m really pleased with my kitty so far – Katia’s pattern really made getting this far effortless.

Now I just have to do that pesky sewing bit… and decide what to do with kitty when he’s finished! Keep him or give him to someone? Hmm…

plushka kitty pattern (1)

You can get your paws on this pattern here.