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I haven’t made any resolutions this year – I find that in the past I’ve spent waaaay too much time overthinking things rather than just DOING them – so while I have big plans for 2013, I’m not spending too much time on contemplation in place of action.

Action point in fact – I’ve decided to start this Friday Faves column as a way of sharing 10 beautiful things with you all each week. You know – those disparate lovely things you stumble across during the week, but that might not fit a post all of their own? That’s what you’ll find here each Friday. I might have theme weeks… then again,  I might not. The only rule I’m giving myself is to show up and share 10 things across 10 categories each Friday: Adorn, Craft, Style, Food, Design, Art, Home, Photography, Printable, Inspire.

And hey – if you make something that fits into one of these categories, feel free to tweet me – @JessVanDen – using the hashtag #EDFridayFaves  – and link me up to your awesomeness!

Let’s dive in, shall we?


{Urban Outfitters}

LOVE the colours in this gorgeous ring. Alas, it’s not available any more, but we can still enjoy the beauty.


{image from inchmark}

Such a sweet idea I’ve seen around and about the place. We so often forget all the amazing little things that happen to us – while we tend to remember the bad stuff. If you’re nodding your head to that last statement, this might be a sweet and simple little idea to brighten up your life!



How beautiful is this lacework? I would not go near that with a necklace – it’s too pretty to be obscured in any way. Might dress it up with some flashy new earrings, though! I’m actually releasing a new design (called the Elodie) which would go beautifully with this – keep your eyes on the mailing list for that.


{Coconut-Lime Yoghurt Popsicles from Simply Scratch}

These look soooo delish! It’s the middle of summer here, and we’ve had some scorchers over the last few days. Popping one of these in my gob would be just the ticket to cool down.


{Syle & Pepper Blog}

I’m in the planning stage of new business cards – so I love coming across gorgeous ideas like this one from Style & Pepper. Just stunning!


{Breathe by Yoko Tanji}

Cat in glasses. Say no more.


{Laura Makabresku}

Such a simple, calming workspace I love the look of the plants taped to the wall, too. They’d be nice to change seasonally – this room very much says ‘winter’ to me.


{Angela Juhl}

Obviously a bit of a cat theme going on here this week. How sweet is this shot?


{Paper Diamonds from Mini Eco}

This is some pretty special paper-craft – stunning gemstone designs (and printables!) you can make yourself.


{Shine On Print by Misha Blaise}

And, to finish on a diamond theme – shine on, people, shine on.

Have a Shiny weekend, and I’ll see you on Monday!