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Just two more weeks until the big day! I have been busy organising and crafting – not to mention ordering some lovely handmade goodness from my online friends.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the lovely things I’ve gathered together for the big day!

The paper flowers I blogged a tutorial about are mounting up… I bought some more tissue paper today, so who knows how many I’ll end up with!

Paper Flowers

At first I thought I might hang these from twine… but now I’m thinking I might scatter them on the cake table with a pebble hidden in the middle to weigh them down… will have to think some more – maybe both if I get enough!

I’ve also made some hair ornaments – but another dilemma has presented itself! I first made this lovely little comb to wear…

Hair Comb

But the other day I was chatting with some friends online and one of them mentioned hair vines. I looked them up and thought they looked pretty, so I made one. This has a mix of glass pearls, glass crystals, moonstone and labradorite.

Hair Vine

I don’t want to wear both, though – and I can’t decide which one I want to go with! I might have to do a test run and see which I like most.

Also, the other day when I showed you all my wedding jewellery, and the earrings I made for my matron of honour, I forgot to include this. My matron of honour is my best friend from school, Penny, and she sent me this a while ago to be my ‘something blue’. I’m going to wear it as an anklet under my dress.

Something Blue

Now, a few of the lovely things I have found online! First, I am getting a custom felt wedding cake from the lovely Kathleen at Felt Food Creations! It will be on a cake on the day, and a lovely little keepsake in the future. Here’s the one she has in her shop as the example cake – ours will have some lilac tulips and our initials embroidered in the top.

Wedding Cake Generic

I also decided to order some custom bunting – and so I visited Amy over at Giggleberry Creations! I got it in the post the other day – and it’s gorgeous!! I’m envisioning this strung between some trees in the park during the morning champagne and cake reception..


I also went and got some good old balloons and streamers today, plus a white tablecloth and tablecloth weights. Its getting very exciting now – only a few things to do next week – most of the organising now will be in the day or two before!

Finally – a very important purchase made yesterday…

WaterproofWaterproof, anyone??


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