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questionmark captain cameraWell, I have been enjoying making my How-To Tuesday posts and videos… but I’ve reached the point where I need your help.

After all, dear readers, I make these tutorials for you! So, I would absolutely love it if you could give me a bit of feedback in the comments.

1. What would you like to see a tutorial about? A particular technique or skill you would like me to teach?

2. Would you enjoy how-to posts from other crafters? For example, a how-to from a sewer, a soap-maker, or a papercrafter?

3. What elements of my previous How-To Tuesday’s have you enjoyed – and what do you think I could do better?

And, of course, any other feedback you’d like to leave.

I really appreciate any help you can give so that I can make this blog a better resource for all of you.


Jess 🙂