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{From Teaspoon Vintage}

Having just celebrated our first wedding anniversary, love is making me happy right now. I know I am so, so lucky to have found it. And in the same vein, this quirky little story, which made me laugh. The right person is out there…

mini books

These books are so lovely! I have just ordered an amazing diary for next year (no, not the frankie one!) that I can’t wait to show you when it arrives. (In fact, I bought 2 of them – hmm, what to do with the second one?)

really warm hat 2

Forest & Frill

Chunky yarn is making me happy. I made the mistake of visiting Spotlight yesterday, and came away with new thick crochet hooks, more yarn for my ‘white and bright’ blanket, and some chunky yarn. I won’t be making anything as gorgeous as these two pieces, but it’s fun to work with! (And I’m enjoying the last few weeks while the rain is here and it’s still cool enough to work with yarn!)

In fact, who’s up for a silly picture of me with the blanket I started last night?


What’s making you happy this week? I’d love you to join in by leaving a link to a post on your blog about what’s making you happy. If you do, I’d love it if you could link back here, too. Share the happy!