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Do you remember my ‘Makes me Happy’ blog posts a while back?

Well, I think it’s time to start them again! After all, I love sharing what makes me happy, and I love reading about what’s making you happy, and we’re adding happy to the world – that’s a win/win/win in my book!

This week, our garden is making me happy. A month or two ago, Nick spent a few days lugging old scrap and soil and paddock clippings around to make our ‘temporary’ garden. It is built completely with stuff we had lying around (like this old metal pontoon frame, old fencing and star pickets, and old tyres!) – with only the addition of a little fertiliser and seeds!

In the last few weeks, it has burst into life – from tiny seedlings to plants that I swear are bigger every morning.

This week we’ve been having salad for dinner every night, with fresh lettuce of a few varieties, mustard spinach, and some early oriental radish leaves.

In a few weeks we’ll have rocket, basil, cherry tomatoes, cucumber… the list goes on.

I love going out there and pottering around every day, just to see how the plants are thriving. I have big dreams about what our garden will be like when we build our house… but for now, this one’s making me smile every day.