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Considering my 30th birthday is tomorrow – that I am embarking on (hopefully) the second third of my life –  this certainly speaks to me.

I was raised to ‘dance to the beat of my own drum’ and do my own thing – not worrying about what others thought, while still caring about what others felt. That is – do my own thing but don’t intentionally harm anyone while doing it!

I have always looked at my life as mine – mine to do with as I will – and I feel pretty darn happy about the path that I have trodden so far.

I think we all struggle throughout our lives to ‘fit in’ to some extent – we want to find our tribe, our ‘right people’ – and the beautiful age of the internet means that no matter who you are, you can find folks who are very much like you. People who you don’t have to pretend with – because they love you just as you are.

I think we should all be proud of and comfortable with who we are – we should enjoy living our own lives, and we should all dance to the beat of our own drum.

And – most importantly – we should respect those who hear a different beat, and celebrate their freedom to dance in their own way.

{by Sunny Champagne on Etsy via Melita Blake on Pinterest}


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