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So this is what I looked like at 6am in the morning at the Woodford Folk Festival on my way to a yoga class. Doesn’t that angelic glow from the sun do a good job of disguising the fact that I am barely awake?

There were a slew of (free!) yoga classes on every morning, so I got up and tried a stack of them. It was certainly a lesson on the fact that there is no such thing as ‘yoga’ – every class was so different – and different again to other classes I’ve tried.

Over my shoulder I have one of my favourite Christmas presents – a beautiful handmade yoga bag from Asobi Gokoro (which means Playful Heart).


{photo by AsobiGokoro}

As an example of how awesome my husband is, he bought me this for Christmas. Firstly, because he knows I love yoga, and want to get into it more. Secondly, because it’s handmade and he knew I’d use it. Thirdly, it’s actually made by a good friend of his (and new friend of mine) from the bygone English days – the lovely Esther who moved to Japan, married a Japanese dude a few years back, and has lived and taught yoga there ever since.

Handmade by a friend, beautiful, and something practical he knew I’d use… I call that a present-buying win, Mr Nick!

I’ve been using it multiple times a week to haul my yoga mat to Booty Camp, and I’m starting regular yoga classes again as of next week, too.

Mine (like many in her store) is a one-of-a-kind, made from an upcycled kimono. Just to show you a little bit more of the loveliness (amongst the not-so-beautiful backdrop of the dusty festival floor, I’m keeping it real, yo)…

Ahem, please excuse festival hair…

 This is how I felt after my yoga class…

I love the fact that there’s enough room in the bag for not only my mat, but for a towel,  my phone, keys etc. And it’s oh so very comfy to wear – a trait I appreciated at Woodford where I had to schlep on foot from our campsite into the festival each day.

Thank you, Esther… I love it!

Have a peek at her store if you’re in the market for a yoga bag, I promise you’ll love yours, too.