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I thought I’d let you have a sneak peek into my studio today, and share the process behind my popular ‘name’ necklaces.

I’ve just made a ‘mom’ or ‘mum’ one in preparation for Mother’s Day… so here’s how it’s done

1. Draw the Design

I begin by drawing my design in pencil. This is really important, as I need to work out how to make the whole word in one fluid stroke – the wire I use is continuous, so that is how I need to make the word. It can be very tricky at times – some letters are very hard to make cursive!

2. Make a Brass Prototype

As sterling wire is expensive, I don’t want to make the name and stuff it up! So, I first do a prototype in brass to make sure I’ve got all the curves and connections worked out. I’ll often re-work something at this stage if it just doesn’t look right in the metal.

3. Make a Sterling Version

When I’m satisfied that I have it completely right,  I’ll make the necklace out of half-hard sterling silver 1mm wire. I need to use the half-hard wire rather than soft, because it gives much more crisp lines, and holds it’s shape wonderfully.

4. Hammer for Strength

Once it’s made, I’ll hammer it with a nylon hammer gently to straighten and flatten it out without marking the sterling. I then also add the chain and make and add the handmade clasp.

5. Photograph

This is often a very long process! Taking huge numbers of photos to get just the right ones. I then edit the photos and make sure they represent the necklace really well. If I’m making a custom name, I always try to remember to take photos for my portfolio.

And that’s it! Ready to go to a new home 🙂

My ‘Mom’ or ‘Mum’ necklace is now up in my Etsy and MadeIt stores – if you’d like to get one for your mum be sure to order early so it gets to you in time for Mother’s Day.


P.S. The winner of the SquishyBee Giveaway is Clare – well done!

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