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{image by Froggymonkey}

Have you found that thing that you are passionate about that could consume all of you, all day long if you allowed it? Have you found that one thing that brings out your inner child and makes you giddy with joy?  I can proudly say I have, I found it in crafting.

When I discovered that the possibilities of what I could create is pretty much endless, my soul  leaped and said ‘What took you so long?!’. My love for crafting has evolved over the last few years and it just keeps getting better.

During my nursing career, I always thought my hands had a purpose – to bring comfort, reassure, show acceptance, understanding, etc. I held my children with those same hands at birth and still do, however, since their birth, my motivation for what to do with my hands has increased exponentially.

Now, my hands are not just about holding, rubbing “boo-boos”, creating warm meals, or cleaning, but also adorning my precious children with accessories.  My mind is constantly thinking about new items to create for them, there is never enough hours in the day to create all the ideas that pop in my head, I’m sure all the creatives out there would understand.

My daughters and my mother are my biggest inspiration.  I enjoy making accessories for my girls and jewelry for my mother. The way my mother radiates when she gets her pieces just feed my very soul.  I’m a first generational crafter and I must say it has brought me immeasurable pleasure one that I am passing along to my children.

My biggest substances of choice are beads and fabric!  To say I love color is an understatement, the bolder, the more vibrant, the better…  I love creating with my hands and I enjoy when I set out to create something and sometimes it takes up a world of its own, transforming into a master piece I did not expect. I believe that’s the beauty in crafting.

Crafting puts me in peaceful state of mind, and I say to myself ‘let the creativity begin’.

The world of DIY is unlimited. I find it not only comforting, but fulfilling to create and watch ideas evolve. A light comes on ever so often in my head and I hear a voice say, you have hands, use them! Explore, design, create!

Crafting has changed my whole mindset. Instead of just running to the store to buy everything, my hands itch to create, there is no satisfaction like it, I get to make things according to my taste, make them with love, and  have them have so much more meaning.

That, my friends is my simple pleasure.

Is craft one of your favourite Simple Pleasures?


Guest post by Addy - wife of 1 stud muffin and SAHM of 2 beautiful daughters.  She’s the owner and designer over at  Addy lives in Atlanta Georgia USA

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