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There’s something a little magical about having a new book to dive into. The way a hardcover creaks a little as you open it the first time. How the pages beckon you in, how they don’t quite lay flat yet. Or how satisfying clicking the next page button is on an ebook reader. The stories you know that are inside, just a few words away.


From the moment I could read, I always had a book with me everywhere I went.

Tucked in my backpack, clutched in my hand. I could slide into a world that looks like my own or something completely different. I could read about people doing crazy things or pretend vampires really do exist. For a child with an active imagination, it was a whole new world and I wanted more of it.

Today, if you asked me what a perfect day would be, I’d have to include curling up with a good book for a few hours in there somewhere.

Because reading not only relaxes me, it also gives me time to de-stress and recharge. It’s the place I mentally retreat to, and is, without a doubt, a simple pleasure that I indulge in almost every single day.

As a small business owner, I need it. It calms my busy mind and gives me a sense of peace so that I can return to the tasks at hand with more energy. It’s my timeout.

What about you? What’s your simple pleasure? Or, if you’re a reader, too, got any good book suggestions?


Guest post by Brandi Hussey

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