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Here’s this week’s five fab Etsy Finds!!

For your chance to be considered for next week’s picks, leave a comment with a link to your Etsy shop!

Today, a slightly personal SS – these are all items I have just bought over the last few days!! I got myself a new hairstyle, and thought some goodies to treat myself as well wouldn’t go amiss…


1. These, and the next pair of earrings, are from Meetalls – a gorgeous shop I highly recommend you check out! il_430xN.95816204

2. Aaaas above!il_430xN.96258680

3. These little cuties are from Radical Glass – I almost snapped up another pair but resisted… for now. I may crack later today!il_430xN.96206808

4. A pair of hair-ties to wear with my new do – it looks rather funky with pigtails! From Cutecumber.il_430xN.94907899

5. Finally, some indulgent, handmade soap from Inner Earth Soaps. This one is Honey Bee mine.. drool…il_430xN.94240250


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