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V&A Ceramic Button Rings

Rings! And magnets! I loved the ring suggestion the most, so I made this lot into rings using some Vintette ring bases I had lying around. I’m pretty darn happy with the outcome 🙂

V&A Ceramic Button Rings

V&A Ceramic Button Rings

V&A Ceramic Button Rings

And as for the last few floral ones, I glued them onto some cute round super-strong magnets I had lying around. (See, random craft purchases DO come in handy down the line!)

V&A Ceramic Button Magnets

So now I will have pretty souvenirs of my UK trip on my fridge to make me smile every day, as well as some pretties for my hands to wear.

I kinda originally bought these with the idea of making Vintette jewellery out of them to sell… but, well… I’m a bit too in love with them now, so I think I’m going to be selfish and keep them all for myself. Sorry ;D

Anyhoo, I’m off this morning to be a panellist at the BrisStyle I *heart* Etsy get-together! It shall be a fun morning of chatting, learning and cupcakes. I hope you have a shiny Saturday – what are you up to today?

Have a lovely weekend, all!


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