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1-Rings Unedited-001

This design is an awesome example of those ‘grabs you and won’t let go till you make it a reality’ type of ideas. You know the ones I mean.

So, despite the fact it’s not technically an Urban Candy design, it’s going up as my challenge design this week – because I couldn’t wait to make it and get it out there!

I foresee SO many possibilities with this design – adding all types of gemstones/beads to the front… ‘tries to clamp down on creative urge in order to focus on the huge amount of work she has to get done this week’.

Say hello to the new Snowdrop design! This initial version features turquoise magnesite gemstones – slightly asymmetric but complementary. They remind me of the sweet, nodding snowdrop flower, hence the name.




I can make just 5 of these with the gemstones I have.

So, they’re going up over on Facebook as this week’s challenge pair! Just $40 (including postage) – limited edition of 5.

Each pair will feature asymmetric but complimentary turquoise magnesite gemstones on sterling silver.

I’m SO SO SO looking forward to making more versions of this when the current madness is over! What madness, you say?

Well, I’m doing my first BIG show next week – the Queensland Brides Wedding Expo in Brissie! Make sure to pop by if you’re in town – I’ll be exhibiting all of my sterling silver wedding bands (including a few new styles!). It’s on Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday. The prep has been crazy – mostly because I need to make samples of all my rings, as well as organise marketing material etc. Kinda equally nervous and excited, but I hope it will be a fun few days.

Also! In case you haven’t been over to Create & Thrive, I’m running a new ecourse in April called ‘Set Up Shop’ – and this week I’m giving away 2 places. The response has been phenomenal… I can’t say how blown away I am by all the heartfelt stories of people who want to make a living from their craft. It’s going to be epically hard to chose a winner for the Gold Membership… but we will do it – I will have to rope Nick into helping me, I think. You can check it out here.

Right, time to get back to the bench – have an awesome day!

Jess xx

P.S. Keep an eye on the blog, I’ve got a gorgeous giveaway coming this evening!