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I don’t know about you, but I have TONS of jewellery kinda floating around in my life. My own personal jewellery, that is – I think it’s a ‘hazard of the job’ when you’re a jeweller… you tend to accumulate a lot of it!

Whenever I make a prototype pair of earrings, I’ll often keep the first pair for myself (obviously I don’t sell any earrings I model for product shots, but I also fall in love with other ones and just kinda sorta keep em!).

This results in a bit of a mess on my dresser, and I often end up losing one of a pair.

I started using these vintage teacups a while ago to keep my jewellery in, but I found that I was putting the earrings in the cups, and then I would have to dig around to find a pair. Then I thought ‘why don’t I just hang the earrings around the cup’?

Not only does it make it super-easy to find the colour/style I want to wear, it looks pretty, too!

Maybe you could give this a go for your own earrings – pretty vintage teacups are pretty easy to come across at the op shop, though this one is part of the collection I inherited from my Granny.


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