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Let’s just start out with me saying… I am not a style blogger per se, and I never set out to become one.

Sure, I blog about outfits (especially during Frocktober) because I adore vintage dresses, and love sharing them with you all. I also have a weakness for pretty handmade brooches and jewellery. And dresses. Ahem.

Not to mention, I’m a jeweller, so that makes me part of, and therefore aware of, the whole ‘fashion’ industry.

But I’ve never been interested in ‘fashion’. I have had the same makeup for years (I know, I know, that’s probably gross), and still don’t know how to put on eye-liner properly. And don’t even MENTION lipstick to me – my lips are big enough without any extra crazy colour, thank you!

I don’t ever buy designer brands. My wardrobe consists of vintage and secondhand clothes, with a few Target pieces thrown in.

So, yeah. I guess what I care about are pretty things that you happen to be able to wear. Which I guess makes it about style.

I’m also very aware that I’m 30 now. I’m not one of the cute 20-something fashion bloggers out there with seemingly endless wardrobes and ever-changing hair (they are adorable, but I don’t think I could pull that off, really). I have to admit – this sometimes gives me an inferiority complex!

I think – ‘I’m not cute enough/beautiful enough/stylish enough to be doing outfit posts – who on earth would want to see what I’m wearing?’

I’m just a woman who loves to share her creative life (and sometimes, her outfits) online… but I sometimes wonder if I should.

But then I remember – this blog is all about living your own DIY life.

That means not following trends…

…not worrying about what others are doing…

…doing and sharing what inspires you and makes you happy…

and my vintage collection makes me happy!

I love adding a dress to my collection, knowing she might be the only one left. Many of my vintage dresses are handmade, too, so I know they’re unique!

And now that I’ve discovered that I can actually sew, I’ll be making more of my own, and that’s something I want to share with you all, as well.

Another interesting thing… there seem to be very few Aussies that share their style online – at least compared to all the Americans. I got sent a fabulous article for Issue 6 of *bespoke* that’s all about the emerging style trend that the writer dubbed ‘Mintage’ – a combo of modern and vintage style. When I asked her for examples, we both realised that all the people we could think of were American!

So, finally, a mission for you – should you choose to accept it. Do you know of any other Aussie ladies who share their ‘mintage’ style? If so, please leave a link in the comments so we can check them out!


I wanted to add – this post was inspired by this very honest post from Kaelah on Little Chief Honeybee.


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