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Well, as you all know, I’ve been sick this week – and I’ve also been preparing like crazy for the Brisbane Indie Designers Market (tomorrow, eep!).

I woke up this morning and I’d had enough! I felt I needed a mental and physical break from the work I’ve been doing – I am supposed to be on holidays, after all!

I also had been feeling the need for a new pair of boots, as the sole of one of my old pair is being partially held on by blue-tac – great look, I know.

However, before I could set out on my journey, this arrived…

Jacked Wrapped

What is it? Well, earlier in the week, as I blogged about, I received my copy of Peppermint in the mail. I read a great article about an eco-friendly small clothes designing business in New South Wales (that’s one of our states here in Australia, for my international readers). Their clothes sounded great, and when I turned over the page, I saw one of their jackets and fell in love with it!

So I e-mailed Kelli, who is the owner of PurePod, and asked if they had any stockists here in Bris. She said she had a jacket there and she could post it up to me to try! How good is that! I also scored it significantly below RRP, as it was a sample jacket.

It is made from a mix of hemp, wool and lyocel, with a hemp/soya bean lining, which was hand-printed in Byron Bay. All their workers are fair wage, the fabrics are grown without pesticides… in short, they’re a fantastic small eco-Aussie business.

Here I am in my new jacket… Nick did take some ‘serious’ photos of me, but this random one is much more entertaining…

PurePod Jacket Pose

And a close-up…

PurePod Jacket Close

So, before I ventured out I had already added to my wardrobe! Oh, if you’re in Bris, PurePod are stocked at Bliss Eco Wear in Paddington.

I then ventured off to the mall. I usually hate going to the mall – crowds and me don’t mix well. Mostly because I’ m a naturally fast walker… and most people, well, aren’t.

I have to say, I spent more money today than I have for a long time! I almost never go out shopping just for me, so I decided to go a bit mad today and treat myself.

I ended up with a lovely dusty pink frilly-ish shirt and grey knitted button-up vest, as well as a simple black cardigan from some cheapy women’s clothing stores. (BTW, do you know how hard it is to find a simple black cardigan?! I had to look in like 10 shops before I found one even remotely suitable!).

I also indulged in a few new pairs of tights to see out the winter – a semi-fishnet set in black, and another set in dusty purple. Oh, and a pair of cute black day-heels, and a new pair of black half-calf boots.

I ventured into Myer, and totally got lucky! One of my favourite brands, Basque, was having a 30% off sale on dresses – and I scored a gorgeous one. You’ll see me in it tomorrow if you’re visiting the market, otherwise I’ll have photos in a day or two!

My most expensive purchase was probably the strangest (for me). You see, I almost never wear makeup – I’m too lazy to bother with it, and I think I’ve always looked reasonably good without it. But my couple-of-years-old bottle of mascara was looking pretty sad, and I had no foundation to speak of, so I decided to venture into the world of mineral makeup. I find most foundations way too icky to wear – but this stuff is actually pretty fine!

The girl at The Body Shop sat me down and did a bit of a make-over on me – and it came out how I like it – basically so you can barely tell I’m wearing anything!

Here is my haul…

body shop buys

So, that should keep me going for at least the next three years πŸ™‚

After the shopping spree, I moseyed up to The Full Moon Cafe – a gorgeous cafe/restaraunt/bar over at Sandgate – it’s up on the hill so it overlooks the bay. If you’re in Brissie, I totally recommend it – wonderful food and atmosphere! My friend Liz and I had a coffee and a chat, and then, much relaxed and refreshed, I headed home.

Now I must go and finish my preparations for tomorrow – beginning with cleaning out my car so I can fit everything in!

Wish me luck at the market tomorrow, and make sure you come down if you’re in Brisbane – St Augustine’s Church Hall, Racecourse Rd, Hamilton, from 9 to 2!

**Update – I finally checked the mail about 5, and found that I’d received my prints from Sam! Woot!

Mato Sam Pics


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