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If you don’t know me, have never met me, there’s one thing I tell people right off the bat: I love color. I dream of it, I work with it, I play with it. I can spend hours finding and deciding on that perfect shade to make a piece pop, and I adore fiddling with color schemes till they are just right.

Color swatches send me into a happy dance, and I’m currently working my way through a year-long color project documenting the colors in my daily life.

“I love color” is such a simple phrase, but one that’s so meaningful to me. And it took me a long while to realize why.

Color has been my artistic constant, the one thing I relate to no matter the medium. If someone were to look at the entire body of work I’ve ever created, the one thing tying it together isn’t theme or subject matter or material; it’s color.

I obsess over it the way some do about paint, or food, or fabric, or lines. I know now that it’s my strength, my talent, and what I bring to the table, and the materials and mediums I choose are just vehicles for using color.

In my mind, color and art and creativity are all wrapped up together. Together, they speak a lovely language without any words at all.

Which means that two people on opposite sides of the world can bond over art and design. It means that connections between artists and art lovers can and do happen in an instant, and all without words. How lovely is that! I love connections.

In honor of Jess’s anniversary, I thought I’d share a handful of work from Australian artists that caught my eye. I’m always fascinated by the color choices people make, since color really is the first thing I notice and respond to.

What do the colors say? Why did the artist choose them? How does it work with the design? These are just a few questions that go through my mind as I view art, and ultimately, the answers are what helps me connect with the art I see.

I’d love to know, what do colors say to you? Do you relate and connect to the colors you see? How do you use color in your work? Do you have a particular color you use the most, and where did that come from?

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Brandi Hussey is the jewelry designer behind Catie’s Blue ( In her spare time, she creates color palettes and digital layouts for her shop Freshly Hued (, plays with photography, and blogs about life and color over at Brandi Girl Blog (


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