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{the view of sunrise over Sandgate}


{lemon & honey tea for the sicknote}


{2 Circe Necklaces I made this week}


{a small selection of the other orders made this week}


 {the road that runs down next to the bushland near my home}


{Golden Orb spider in my path!}


{new earring designs – the Yin/Yang Chain Earrings, which will be available in black and silver}


{new Yin/Yang Chevron Necklaces}


{shiny blue patent leather flats I picked up today for just $10 when I bought a pair of boots!}

So this week started out well… on Saturday I had an awesome time at my very first Wind Surfing Lesson! It was a perfect day, as you can see from the first shot I took out over the bay, and I really enjoyed getting the hang of the Wind Surfer.

Unfortunately, the rest of the weekend was not so fun… on my way home from the lesson on Sat morning I realised I was wheezing – my cold had turned into a chest infection. So, after swinging by the doc on the way home, I was loaded up with antibiotics, steroids and a few puffers to keep me alive for the days ahead!

I spend most of the rest of Saturday resting and reading, but on Sunday I dragged myself out of bed to work. I think this is pretty much the only downside to being self-employed – when you’re sick, and there’s work that needs doing – orders that need making – there’s no-one else to get it done!

I’ve gotten better over the last few days, but it’s been a busy week – filling orders from my birthday sale, Mother’s Day, and also making new goodies for the brand new BrisStyle City Hall Markets that start this Saturday.

I don’t do many markets, as you know, but I’m pretty excited about this one! It’s a curated market of some of the absolute best handmade Brisbane has to offer, and it’s inside the gorgeous, newly refurbished Brisbane City Hall. Very excitingly – these are BrisStyle’s very first REGULAR markets! Yep, they’ll be held in City Hall the 2nd Saturday every month… so if you want some stunning local handmade, put that in your calendar!

I’m planning on doing more of them when Nick and I get back from our 2-month trip to Canada + the USA (I haven’t told you about that yet, have I?!), which we’re leaving for in early June. So, from August onwards, if the markets are as awesome as I expect they’ll be, I might make it a monthly thing and be at every one. What do you think? Would you like knowing where you can come check out Epheriell goodies in-person once a month?

Also, here’s a peek at the new roof in the Grand Ballroom of City Hall – that ceiling is full of LEDs that can render images – pretty groovy ;D


{source: Courier Mail}

I’ve also managed to get outside for a walk the last few mornings without feeling like I was going to cough up a lung. We have a gorgeous huge swathe of bushland at the end of my road, and over the years, someone/s have trodden a path through there, which I follow on occasion.

I don’t think anyone else had been through for a little while though, because that gorgeous spider and her web were stretched right across the path yesterday morning. Thankfully I didn’t walk into her!

I’m almost mended now, hopefully by tomorrow or Friday I’ll be properly well, and ready to get back into my normal routine. I’m missing my regular swims and runs something fierce…

Hey, hope to see you on Saturday if you’re in Brissie, yeah? Make sure to stop by my stall and say hi!

Jess xx