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So, I know I’m supposed to be on a blogging sabbatical… but I just had to share this!

I have had extraordinarily good luck at the op shops lately – yesterday I found 4 really nice tops at the local Lifeline, which I popped into on a whim on my way to have Sushi Train for lunch. I love all of them, but this one was a particularly good find – a gorgeous, as-new Portmans tank top.

I love Portmans’ clothes, but never shop there because a) I’m not a waif, and a lot of their clothes seem to lean towards the petite size range/shape in my past experience, and b) I don’t like paying exorbitant sums for factory-made clothes.

So, I was quite pleased to find this lovely navy top with awesome geometric white gemstone detailing. I’m thinking this must be pretty recent, as the whole geo/gem thing only really popped up in the last year or so.

Also! I found these jeans a month or so ago at an op shop up at Mooloolabah – a gorgeous pair of Calvin Klein jeans that fit me perfectly. They were a bit too snug when I bought them, but the triathlon training I’ve been doing lately has paid off 😉

On the note of fit – why is it that when I go into regular stores to find jeans, I never find ones that fit nicely, but I always find good jeans at op shops? Seriously – every single pair of jeans I currently own were op shop finds.

Again, these jeans are something I would have never even considered buying new (goodness knows how expensive they would have been) – but they set me back a whopping 5 bucks, just like the top.

Finally – most of the jewellery I’m wearing are new designs I’ve been working on – the rings, necklace, and earrings. I haven’t got names for them yet, but they’ll be making their way into the Epheriell store come the new year.

I like a bit of bling to dress up jeans and a tank top – why not, right?

P.S. loving my newly coloured hair… which cost WAY more than the clothes I’m wearing…

Outfit Deets

Top ~ Portmans via op shop

Jeans  ~ Calvin Klein via op shop

Shoes ~ Target

Jewellery ~ Epheriell