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You know, I totally forgot to tell you that it was my birthday yesterday, didn’t I? Well, it was, and much cake (berry cheesecake and white mud cake…mmmm….) was eaten. I got a few awesome presents – a voucher for a hour-long relaxing facial {thanks Mum and Dad!} and a proper buffing machine – that you can see me using above – so I can create super-shiny rings and necklaces.

With that in mind, I was delighted to find out that two magazines I was interviewed for have both come out this week, and I wanted to share my excitement – ’cause I think that’s a darn fine birthday present!

First off is Smarter Business Ideas {Australia’s Largest Business Magazine}. The article is called “Get Paid to Play: Turning Your Hobby Into a Money Earner”, and it’s a good read (and no, I’m not just saying that ’cause I’m in it!).

Actually, the whole mag is pretty much online, and there are some really helpful articles for small business peeps like us. I’ll be having a read of every issue from now on, that’s for sure.

My co-interviewee – Eugene Tan – made the cover and I didn’t… but he’s a spunk in a wetsuit, so how can I begrudge that?

A huge thanks goes to the author of the article, my twitter bud Ali Tait {you might know her from her blog, Life in a Pink Fibro} for interviewing me!

Also, here is the lovely photo that Paul from see saw photography took of me for the mag article.

This dude and his business partner Gabi have photographed amazing people – Kevin Rudd, Megan Gale, and Hawkie amongst many others… which I didn’t know until I’d checked out his website! {Overseas peeps who are wondering who the heck those folk are – well, two of them have been our Prime Minister, and one is a very famous supermodel}

I’m kinda glad I didn’t know who he had previously photographed, or I might have been more nervous. He was totally lovely and delightful to work with – very good at keeping the smile on my face genuine so I didn’t end up with a horrible fake grimace. I’m honoured to have been photographed by him!

Here are a few more shots he took of me at work (and you’re right, I don’t usually look that good when I’m working – think messy ponytail and daggier clothes, people).

And of course the famous blue door has to make an appearance…

Next we have one of my FAVOURITE mags ever, Extra Curricular! If you don’t read it, you should. It’s a gorgeous little publication out of New Zealand, and it is always packed with inspiring stories and interviews with creative folk.

The article is called “The Library in the Sky” and it is all about the growing prevalence of ecourses in the craft-o-sphere. I got to chat about my own experience running Crafty & Connected. Other folks interviewed include Elsie and Emma from A Beautiful Mess and Kathy from Bliss Beyond Naptime.

A huge thank you to Anissa of Grow Mama (who wrote the article) for interviewing me! Totally thrilled to be in one of my favourite magazines!

I am always so thankful and excited to be featured anywhere – online and off – but there is something extra-special about having a physical object with a story about you in it, don’t you think? It will be out in the world forever… and that’s part of why I love creating jewellery, too.

The thought that a little tiny piece of me will go out into the world and hopefully spread joy, beauty and inspiration, and maybe even exist once I am gone is magical. Don’t you think?


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