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I have been feeling sick this week – the dreaded holiday cold has taken hold like a insidious mucousy monster.. (sorry, too much information?)

Anyways, I was thinking I might indulge in some retail therapy to cheer me up…

So I went Etsy cruising. So many gorgeous goodies… other people’s jewellery, clothes, makeup, soap and bath products… but I decided that I needed some art for my soul.

In my last Superb Sunday I showed you this print by Sam from Matouenpeluche. Well, I loved it so much I couldn’t pass up her buy 2 get 3 sale (especially at only $5 each)! So all three of these prints – ‘Flying Kitten’, ‘The Interloper’ and ‘The Visitor’ – are now in the post on their way to me…




Then, as I was browsing through my favourites list, I re-discovered Yellena. Her art is so ethereal – it just takes me into another world. Imagine how pleased I was when I discovered that she, too, was having a buy 2 get 3 sale (these ones were $20 each)!

It took me so long to decide which prints I wanted, but in the end, I settled on ‘Amble’, ‘Season’ and ‘Morning’.




I can’t wait to receive these gorgeous artworks in the post!

I’ve also got another big goodie coming in the post… but I’ll blog about that when it gets here… πŸ˜€

I’d love to know who your favourite artists are – especially any you’ve found on Etsy, Artfire, or any other online handmade venue. Please leave me a comment and tell me all about them!


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