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This week, I’ve been making more and more Urban Candy Earrings – and I’m loving them! Here are a few newbies – the Bluebell Earrings and the Pumpkin Earrings (ready for Halloween!).

And this – well, this just brought out the squee-monster…

sleeping beauty

Oh, and I decided what to do with my ‘accidental crochet’! Look!

Of course, the thing making me the most amazingly happy this week is *bespoke* – I can’t believe how many copies have already pre-sold!! I’m really blown away… In fact, I’ve decided to offer a little something special. If we reach 200 pre-orders of *bespoke* before October 18, I’m going to put 3 pairs of Epheriell Earrings in three random packages! So, to be in the running, make sure to pre-order your copy today, and please help spread the word!

What’s making you happy this week? Blog about it and leave the linky below! I’d really adore a link back here if you do (and please, no shop links) xx