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Roses Dress with Vintette Jewellery

Hello lovelies! Today I got Nick to take a few snaps of me in the Blue Roses dress that was peeking out from under my Teal Jacket last week.

I also wanted to show you the gorgeous Pierre Fontaine shoes I found at the op shop recently – as well as show you some of the new Vintette jewellery I’ve been working on.

Roses Dress with Vintette Jewellery

Roses Dress with Vintette Jewellery

Roses Dress with Vintette Jewellery

Pierre Fontaine Shoes - Thrifted

Roses Dress with Vintette Jewellery

Roses Dress with Vintette Jewellery

The shoes were a great find – they were in perfect condition apart from the heels – I just had to get them re-capped and now they’re good as new!

The earrings I’m wearing are one of six new designs made from laser-cut, sustainably harvested wood from Wisconsin in the US. There are hearts and flower/clouds – each pair comes in three different possible shades.

I’ve also started introducing some limited edition, wooden, laser-cut skeleton key necklaces! Each one is limited to 2 or 3 per design.




They are the start of a HUGE range of new laser-cut necklaces and brooches that I’ll be releasing over the coming months.

Every single one will be limited-edition. I’ll let you know what I’ve added each week here on the blog, so you don’t miss out on something you love!

And, just because he snapped me sweeping – a rare event… I shall share my Cinderella moment… (no, I do NOT do any housework dressed up like a 1950s housewife, heels are a bitch to sweep in – especially when you’re already a tall lady!).


Outfit Details

Dress ~ Vintage, from Q’s Daydream

Shoes ~ Thrifted

Jewellery ~ Vintette

P.S. I’m also launching a new Epheriell mini-collection later this week – so if you’re not already on the mailing list, make sure you are – I’ll be sending an exclusive discount code to subscribers!


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