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I came across a really thought-provoking blog article the other day, by Frolic! – and I wanted to discuss the issue with you all today, to give my reasons for the source credit changes you’ll be seeing here on Epheriell Designs.

In the post, Chelsea give some awesome guidance as to how to credit images. She makes it clear that it’s her own personal perspective, but I think she hits the nail right on the head.

This is a topic that I’ve been thinking on for a while now, and I’ve been trying to figure out how to proceed. It seems to becoming more and more talked about in the blogosphere – especially amongst design bloggers. The prevalence of image-sharing sites that don’t credit the source is quite frightening, and – I’ll admit – in my earlier days as a blogger, I used sites like imgfave and weheartit to find pictures, though I stopped quite a long while ago now.

If you look at some of my earlier blog posts, you will see me being horribly guilty of not crediting images properly. I think it’s something that wasn’t thought of as much a few years ago, but it’s really hit home to me recently how important it is to do it properly.

These days, I tend to use flickr and Pinterest to find images to use on my blogs – not only because they are huge repositories of wonderful images, but mainly because it’s usually very simple to find and credit the source of the images.

For a long while now I have aimed to link each image I use back to its original source. Using the flickr tools makes this easy – I usually just insert the html from flickr and it not only links back, but gives attribution details when you hover over the image. But is this enough? I don’t feel that it is, for me, anymore. So, from now on you’ll see a little attribution at the end of each post (or, if it fits into the flow of the post, perhaps in the text itself).

I’m also going to be more pedantic about crediting where I find my ideas and inspration So, if I blog about a designer, for example, I will aim to share where I first came across the person, too.

One thing I don’t often do, which is also discussed in the Frolic! post, is ask for permission to share images before I blog them. I feel that so long as I am crystal clear about the source of the image, it’s not necessary… but perhaps I’m wrong? Personally, I am more than happy when someone blogs an image of mine, with a link back, because I see it as free publicity. But perhaps there are people out there who think differently – if so, I’d love to hear from you in the comments.

I’d also love to hear how you credit images and sources, and what your thoughts on the issue are.

P.S. if you are looking for the source of an image, a really useful tool is – I’ve been using this for around 6 months now to trace images. It’s not always possible to find the source, but it definitely helps most of the time!

{image by Mandy Bryant/The Light Fantastic on Etsy}

{Frolic! post found via @Blackcurrentpix via @Daydreamlily}


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