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{by Shavingkitsupplies}

Hi everyone!

It’s Anastasia here and I’m thrilled to be a Guest blogger of the day.  Congrats Jess on your Blog-anniversary!!

I wanted to post about Vintage Botanical prints, I’m obsessed with the delicate illustrations which originally were published, to not just make garden enthusiasts squeal with delight…

but to educate…. so it’s like being back in Science class…just kidding…

Not only do these look gorgeous framed for your walls but they are a cheap alternative when it comes to home decorating.

It really looks gorgeous don’t you think?!


{Images from Domino Mag}

So head on down to your local Thrift shop and keep an eye out for vintage Garden books or have a search on Etsy for ‘ Vintage Botanical’ book pages.

They look perfect when lined up symmetrically on the wall or even clustered in different size thrifted frames…go with the flow!

If flowers are not your kind of thing some other themes like a cluster of Vintage Maps, or illustrated Birds and Insects, perfect for a Toddler’s room, Retro Science Charts are pretty cool too!


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