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I thought it might be fun to do more posts showing you what I actually DO every day. So, I’m kicking it off with what will become (I hope) a regular feature – What I’m Working On.

It’s been a HUGE few weeks, and I’ve been so busy creating, making, contemplating the future of my business, teaching… I’ve felt a huge burst of creative energy. Maybe it’s because it’s spring, maybe it’s thanks to the Artful Business Conference – whatever the cause, I’m embracing it! Those of you on the APL have already heard a lot from me over the last week about what I’ve been pondering (all the best stuff happens in there, after all).

First off is my newest creation, the Stalactite Earrings. I created these on Saturday morning, literally in the middle of getting ready to go to my aunt’s birthday party. I had to sit down and make them immediately. I then switched out the earrings I was already wearing for these, and harassed Nick into taking some photos of me wearing them before we left.

I love wearing new designs out and about to see the reaction they get! These got some awesome comments at the family party (I have a HUGE extended family on my Dad’s side, so there were at least 40 adults there, and innumerable children, too). Some of my cousins and I got into a debate as to their possible use as weapons, brought up by one of them asking if I’d be allowed to wear these on an airplane! That conversation then moved onto the zombie apocalypse and whether a baseball bat or machete would be our weapons of choice, but I digress…

I love the absolute simplicity of these earrings. I love even more that even though they are incredibly simple in design, they really make a statement! And of course, like all Urban Eco designs, they’re incredibly light and comfortable to wear. (Oh, if you’re curious, I’m also wearing the Triple Ball Necklace, which has become a firm fave of mine. AND one of my fave brooches by That Vintage.)

Another awesome thing that often comes about is that I get an inquiry for a custom order… and I end up loving the design so much I add it to the shop. That very thing has happened a few times in the last month.

These new wedding bands are a perfect example of that. A lovely lady by the name of Kelly contacted me looking for a particular style of wedding bands, and we worked together to create exactly what she was looking for.

The result were these gorgeous brushed rings: the men’s band is 6mm wide and the ladies’ is 3.7mm wide.

I also decided to buff them up and offer a high-shine version.

I love the men’s band – I’m going to make one of those for myself to just wear as an everyday ring. I dig wide rings!

I cannot express just how much I love making wedding rings. I am SO pleased that I added them to my range. The thought that people choose my designs to exchange with the person they love most of all… that they’ll wear and cherish their rings as the outward symbol of their love and marriage… that their ring might even be their most treasured possession… it fills me with such joy, and humbles me, too. It’s a big responsibility and a huge honour, and I work hard to ensure every pair is as perfect as possible.

Now, for some COLOUR!

I know I only released my Autumn/Winter collection a month ago, but I’m already at work on the Spring/Summer collection, which will be released online in October.

It’s called the Carnival Collection, and features a wide range of neon bright and pastel toned wooden beads, (sourced from the Netherlands), complimented by sterling silver. I am in LOVE with this collection!

I’ve already made myself a few pieces to wear…

In fact, if you’re in Brisbane, you can get a sneaky peek at a large part of the collection at in.cube8r in the Valley – I’ve just rented my first ever cube there… you can see me in the window! Well, not exactly me, but a piccie of me, and a whole lot of my work.

Here are a couple of shots that Vicki took of me setting up my cube last week…

And one I took that night once I was done…

How cute are the brightly coloured tickets I’ve used as backing? I’d like to say that was cleverly planned… but it was actually a fluke. I’d ordered the tickets as part of a much larger packaging order, because they looked fun, and when they arrived I realised they’d be a perfect match with the new collection. Gotta love it when things just come together like that.

And yep, see the Epheriell metal sign? I hand-cut each piece out of aluminium. I made it for a market a long while back, so I’m glad to have the chance to put it on display!


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