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I have been meaning to share this for the longest time! I participated in an Art Exchange a while back, and this was one of the pieces I received! I was so amazed – look!

It’s a print of my cat, Gobbolino! Nicole from Tall Rabbit had seen pictures of him here on the blog, and drew this just for me. How amazingly awesome is that!

Just for comparison, here’s the real thing:

The only difference is that Gobby only has a stub of a tail (we found him that way as a kitten, and think he’s a Manx). However, Nicole The Awesome has since sent me this:

Squee!! Gobby’s little stub-tail is one of the most adorable things about him. When he’s excited or grumpy, it whirls around in a circle, like a little mini-helicopter.. hehe…

Thank you so much Nicole, I absolutely adore it!


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