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Hello to everyone at Epheriell Designs and thank you so much to Jess for inviting me to take part in your 3rd birthday blog party!

For those of you who don’t know me, I have a background in genetics and worked as a research scientist before I got involved in the handmade world.

{Note from Jess – Squee! I studied genetics at Uni, too! My inner science geek is still alive and well.}

So you can understand why I practically squeal with happiness every time I find a gorgeous handmade creation with a scientific bent to it.  I can’t think of a better way to express my love for handmade items and my interest in science at the same time!

Your Organ Grinder – I spent many years looking at cells through a microscope!

NBD Designs – How could a geneticist resist DNA earrings?

lltownleyceramics – I am a carrier of the red/green colour blindness gene mutation.

Yellow Bug Boutique – Because even scientists need chocolate.  🙂

Cleaner Science – How ironic, washing one’s hands with “bacteria” soap.

Karen Lorenc – Only for someone whom you know can handle looking at something incorrect every day!

Deb is a wife, mother, semi-retired research scientist and owner of Two Cheeky Monkeys and Domum Vindemia.  She loves working with beautiful beads and vintage findings and repurposing vintage crockery into elegant new creations.


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